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Tunings, part 6: Colors

  I changed strings on several of the instruments this week in preparation for multiple upcoming recording studio dates this month and next month.  One of the instruments to get fresh strings was the 28-string Double Contraguitar .  I'd been using the same tuning on it since May 2023.  Using the May 2023 tuning, I recorded a new album with my partner Soheil Peyghambari, a few new pieces for an upcoming album with Mark Wingfield, and some pieces for a trio record with Soheil and Carl Clements.  I'd also written some new solo compositions for the 28 in the May 2023 tuning.  It is a dense and rich tuning, and I'm quite happy with it. After changing strings this week, I picked it up this morning for shedding .  New strings take a day or two to stretch and break-in.  While tuning this morning, I hit upon a new combination of notes on the left side's high E triple course.  It was a bright and deep cluster; almost like something from Messiaen . The colors in this new tuning we

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