Strand in Strands


Strand in Strands, the new album with Carl Clements, is complete.  This is our first album release together since 2017's Even this late it happens.

The new album was recorded at various dates in 2021 and 2022.  On it, Carl performs on Tenor and Soprano saxophones, and I am on 17-string Hybrid Extended classical guitar, 12-string Contraguitar, and 12-string Baritone guitar.  I believe this is our finest album to date.

The 10 new pieces on this album are more contrapuntal than any of our previous albums.  On this record, I feel that Carl and I have reached a new compositional level.

We've already begun discussions on our next album project, which should begin recording sessions in late 2022.

Strand in Strands is released by Greydisc Records on 6 December 2022.   Available on Bandcamp. Amazon, iTunes, AppleMusic, and all streaming sites.
Cover art by Russia's George Korunov.



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